Braces Are A Medical Necessity

Braces Are A Medical Necessity

You probably know that braces can realign your teeth to give you a perfect smile. However, your smile isn’t the only thing that braces improve. There are several tooth alignment problems that braces help solve, and many of them can cause problems that go far beyond appearances. By getting a tooth realignment in Houston, TX, you can avoid several serious problems that include the following.


“Crowding” refers to teeth that are so close together that they push into each other. This regular pressure can cause regular toothaches, plus your teeth will slowly start to grind down the enamel and outer layers of your teeth and leave the inner parts vulnerable to infections. It can also lead to one or more teeth pushing out sideways, which causes other kinds of problems. Braces can slowly push your teeth away from each other, giving them enough room to grow straight and stay perfectly aligned with each other. 


Spacing is the opposite problem of crowding. Instead of having too little space between teeth, a jaw with spacing issues has too much space. Spacing can make your gums vulnerable while you chew, plus the large gaps can collect equally large food particles if you don’t brush and floss regularly. The most common causes in Houston, TX are undersized teeth and missing teeth.


An overbite happens when the top row of teeth overlap and cover the bottom row of teeth when you bite down. Not only does this affect the appearance of your smile, it can also change the profile of your head since your jawbone settles too far back. In severe cases of overbite, the top front teeth completely cover the lower teeth and can even bite into your lower gums. If this situation isn’t treated, it can lead to long-term damage to your lower gums and to the bone underneath it. 


With a crossbite, the full set of upper teeth fit inside the arch of the lower teeth. Usually this happens because the upper jaw isn’t as wide as it needs to be to fit with the lower jaw. Someone with an untreated crossbite can end up having trouble with both biting and chewing food.


An openbite means the front teeth don’t touch or overlap the lower teeth when you close your jaw. Sometimes this happens during a child’s natural development, but other times it happens because a person develops a bad habit like finger sucking or nail biting. An openbite can make it hard to bite and tear when eating, and it can lead to extra wear and tear on the back teeth since the front teeth aren’t taking on their share of the pressure.

All of these issues can lead to health and chewing problems, and you can solve them all by getting corrective braces for your teeth. However, you don’t necessarily need traditional braces to get the best results. If you live in Houston, TX, consider getting Fastbraces instead. Our braces can get you lasting results much faster than the traditional method, which means you’ll get your perfect smile without dealing with years of hassle.