Can General Health Be Affected By Oral Health?

Can General Health Be Affected By Oral Health?

All parts of the human body are intertwined and connected. As such, it is not uncommon for an issue in one area to have an impact somewhere else. For instance, when the teeth and gums are in bad shape, a Houston person's overall health can become affected. Numerous studies have been, and are being conducted, to determine the links between oral and general health.

So far, researchers have found that gum disease can increase an individual's risk of acquiring heart disease. As if that wasn't enough, the ailment also makes it more challenging to manage diabetes. Meanwhile, when periodontal disease is present in pregnant women, the baby's health can become a concern.    

Due to the mouth being the gateway to vital organs such as the stomach and heart, it is easy to see how infections or inflammation can expand to other parts of the body. As Houston people are reading this, research is taking place to examine the theory that oral bacteria contributes to swelling in the arteries. If enough evidence is found, it will prove that gum disease increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

This And That About Pregnancy Gingivitis

The hormones of women fluctuate during pregnancy. In turn, their chance of developing gum disease grows. Therefore, it is imperative for pregnant females to brush and floss daily. If they fail to do so, swollen and bleeding gums can become part of the equation. Plus, scientists have linked periodontal disease to low birth weight and premature birth. So, be sure to take care of your mouth to protect yourself and your bundle of joy.

Info About Gum Health And Diabetes

When people with diabetes have untreated or recurring periodontal disease, their bodies often have difficulty managing blood sugar. Hence, these persons must pay close attention to their gums. The act will assist them in controlling their insulin levels. Luckily, folks don't have to face this dilemma alone. Rather, if they regularly schedule checkups and cleanings, the dentist can help them determine if gum disease is part of the problem.

Could Oral Health And Dementia Be Connected?

Dementia is a disorder that results in personality changes, memory issues, and impaired reasoning. As it stands right now, there is a potential connection between poor oral health and Alzheimer's disease. However, scientists are currently studying the bond between dementia, decreased cognitive function, and dental problems. It is believed that patients have a difficult time sticking to a home oral care routine, which leads to tooth and gum situations.

Persons need to address oral health problems promptly. Why? Well, if they wait and let the matters linger, they will likely experience painful toothaches, inflamed gums, have trouble chewing, and more. So, don't allow tooth and gum pain to control your life. Instead, schedule regular dental visits, utilize good oral hygiene practices and keep periodontal diseases and tooth decay at bay. The actions won't just help with general oral health, but they will assist a person's body in staying healthier as a whole. 

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