How Do I Know If I Need Braces

How Do I Know If I Need Braces

For adults, in particular, it can sometimes be difficult to see if your teeth require straightening. While some cases will have obvious signs pointing to the need for braces, others are a lot more subtle, and your signs could be easily misconstrued as something completely unrelated. While there are some ways you can determine independently if you need braces or not, the best way to know for sure is through a consultation with your Houston, TX orthodontist. 

Crooked teeth or teeth otherwise in need of braces can be caused by any number of factors. While we typically chalk the need for braces up to genetics, there are actually a number of other angles potentially at play. One theory has to do with the modern human diet, and how what we eat today leads to smaller jaws than what humans may have had thousands of years ago. With smaller jaws, we have less room to accommodate our teeth, leading to crooked teeth, overcrowding, and bite issues.

The Signs And Symptoms Of A Need For Braces

While obviously crooked teeth or a misaligned bite might be an obvious sign for braces, there are other more subtle signs that are worthy of consideration as well. Some of the lesser-known signs for brace need are:

  • Baby teeth are lost early – Children will begin losing their baby teeth at around 6 years old, but if they begin losing too many baby teeth too early, this could point to a need for braces later on in life. When baby teeth are lost and adult teeth aren’t grown in to replace these teeth until much later on, they may grow out of place, or experience crowding or spacing.
  • Your jaw makes sounds – While you bite or chew, your jaw should align naturally and comfortably. If you notice your jaw “creaking”, “popping”, or otherwise making sounds, you may need braces to correct any issues lying within your jaw alignment.
  • You bite the inside of your mouth while eating – Biting the inside of your cheek or nicking your tongue while you chew isn’t a cause for concern when it’s done occasionally. Sometimes we simply chew too fast and our mouths seem to get in the way of getting that food in faster. However, if you find that you bite the inside of your mouth often while eating, a call to your Houston, TX orthodontist might be in order.

 Why Fastbraces?

When adults need braces, they don’t want the telltale adolescent experience of spending years fixing their teeth. Fastbraces provide the same benefit as traditional braces, but in a much faster and more comfortable way. Visiting your Houston, TX Fastbraces orthodontist can provide you the solutions you need for your teeth, while also catering to the adult braces experience. If you’re looking to determine if you’re a candidate for Fastbraces, or you’d like to learn more about your teeth and your need for braces, contact us at Fastbraces today to learn more.