Teens Should Take Responsibility For Their Dental Health

Teens Should Take Responsibility For Their Dental Health

Part of growing up in Houston, TX is becoming more independent.  You start doing your own chores, get a part-time job outside of the house, learn to drive a car, and all kinds of smaller things.  Your dental care should be a part of this growing process, especially since you’re the one who will have to live with your teeth for the rest of your life.  Keeping them in good condition should be a long-term priority, and that means good hygiene, good care, and always visiting your dentist and orthodontist on schedule.


Braces Aren’t As Tough As They Seem


A lot of teens in Houston, TX get braces, especially during the early teen years.  Orthodontists recommend using braces at this time because your adult teeth are all starting to come in and setting them properly now can keep them straight and even for the rest of your life.  Not only does this give you a nicer smile, but it also avoids many issues later like teeth grinding each other down because they don’t meet properly and teeth creating pain and infections because they slowly push each other together.


Still, it’s hard to think of those benefits when someone attaches braces to your teeth.  Fortunately, there they aren’t as bad as they might seem at first.  You’ll need to avoid certain foods like chewing gum and popcorn, but you can still brush and floss your teeth when you have braces on.  Sometimes braces come with a set of rubber bands, but you can replace them when you brush your teeth.  Living with braces is simple once you get used to adding a few details to your daily routine.


Stick With Your Retainers


It might feel like your retainer doesn’t do much, and in some sense you’re right.  Your orthodontist gives you a retainer so your mouth will maintain the changes the braces made to your teeth and jaw.  Proper retainer care means keeping it safe and clean while it’s outside of your mouth and putting it in for however long your orthodontist recommends.  Taking care of your retainer is simpler than taking care of braces, and by doing so you shouldn’t have to get braces again.


Remember Your Mouth Guard


Something else you should always use is a mouthguard.  Certain sports recommend mouth guards for a very good reason:  because otherwise, the sport could damage your teeth.  Wearing a mouthguard can feel uncomfortable, but you can get a mouth guard custom made to fit in your mouth at a dentist’s or orthodontist’s office.  They can even make mouth guards that will fit around your braces and protect them, too.


As you grow older, you need to start taking charge of your life.  Your life includes your dental health, so take responsibility for the braces, retainers, and mouth guards you wear on a daily basis so that you won’t need them in the future and you won’t regret forgetting about them a few decades later.  And if you need braces in Houston, TX, ask about Fastbraces to find out how you could get the whole process done in half the time.

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