Could Your Teeth Be Causing Your Headaches

Could Your Teeth Be Causing Your Headaches

For many in the Houston, TX region, regular headaches are an unfortunate reality. These conditions are often linked to an onslaught of stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, dehydration, and other causes, but what if they could be coming from inside of your mouth? Oral health and headaches are closely linked, and various oral conditions could lead to headaches that are unrelenting or reappear until the dental health problem is fixed.

If you’ve exhausted all of your other options, and you’re still experiencing chronic headaches, it could mean it’s time for a visit to your Houston, TX dentist or orthodontist.

What Dental Issues Cause Headaches? 

There are various dental conditions that can lead to chronic headaches. These headaches may come and go, or they could be near-constant, and it all depends on the nature of your oral health concerns and how they’re being irritated or exasperated. Some common dental issues known to cause headaches are: 

Crooked teeth Teeth that shift out of place in the mouth, causing crooked teeth, could lead to headaches in a very simple way. As these teeth shift, they place pressure on areas of the mouth not built to withstand it, which can affect nerves and cause headaches to develop. These headaches are often chronic in nature, and don’t fully resolve themselves until teeth are straightened. 

An off bite Like crooked teeth, a bite that is thrown off for any reason can also lead to experiencing chronic headaches. With these conditions, the headaches are often experienced after eating, and they’ll feel like a dull ache stemming from the hinges of the jaw. When a bite is off, unnatural pressure is placed on various areas of the mouth, leading to a difficult dull ache after each time a person has a meal.

Bruxism Bruxism may seem like a new “medical” word, but it really refers to the act of grinding one’s teeth while asleep. While you’re asleep, you likely do not notice how you grind your teeth, but you can sure feel it when you wake up in the morning. Along with a dull headache behind the eyes, you may also experience jaw soreness or tenderness, trouble opening the mouth, or pain behind the eyes.

Cavities Cavities can also lead to headache, as bacteria and decay works its damage to the nerves in and surrounding the teeth. These nerves can trigger the trigeminal nerve, or the nerve that is known to trigger migraines in some individuals in Houston, TX.

Feeling Real Relief

If you have headaches that cannot seem to be relieved, and you’ve exhausted your other potential options, it could be time to make a visit to your dental team. Solutions like FastBraces can aid in headaches caused by an off bite, overcrowding, or crooked teeth, by providing fast help to get your teeth in their proper places once again. If you suspect your headaches could be stemming from an oral health cause, contact us at FastBraces today to see how we can help.